You. Are. Adorable.

Cute things light me up. Anything whimsical, cuddly, or adorable fills me with glee. And that glee is at the root of K-Heart Cuties. I draw one-of-a-kind portraits that are 100% adorable.

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They’re you, your family, your friends, your faves, but (even) cuter. They’re moments and memories captured in a whimsical way that you’ll love. I have legitimately texted “THEY’RE SO CUTE I’M GONNA DIE” to a client. I just want to squish them. They make every day happier.


I’m a mom from Nova Scotia, Canada. I’m a language nerd with 2 kids and 3 cats. I love K-pop and Doctor Who. And I also love to draw. I developed my style by drawing members of K-pop groups in their (frankly AMAZING) outfits from music videos…but then I realized that I could draw absolutely anyone. I started drawing my family and the results were spectacularly adorable...and K-Heart Cuties was born! (I still draw the K-pop members, though, because their outfits are seriously to die for…check my Instagram to see more!)


My Style:

My style is based on the chibi style of character drawing but instead of using the style's typical head, eye, and mouth shapes, I use reference photos to make the features accurate. The result is a caricature that really looks like the subject, but with the cuteness turned up to 11.

I can also recreate detailed fashion pieces in this style. Think wedding dresses, haute couture, and Hallowe’en costumes. Anything is possible! The details make the cuties EVEN MORE adorable.

How it Works:

  • 1 Place an order via my Etsy shop (KHeartCuties) or get in touch with your request .
  • 2 Send several high-quality (preferably forward-facing) reference images and any special notes.
  • 3 I'll respond to confirm your order and ask any additonal questions.
  • 4 Within 2 weeks, I send you your ADORABLE images!

My base prices are:

$40 per figure. This includes line work, any details, solid colouring, shading and highlights.

If you’re looking for a group picture, each subsequent figure is $30.

Custom branding images with surrounding profession-related paraphernalia (computer, books, paint brushes, supplies of any kind) are available for $60 per figure.

Rush orders are available for an additional fee of $40 and will be completed within one week.

If you have something specific in mind, get in touch with your idea! I love to get creative and I'll make a custom quote for you!

Please note:

I draw real people and real outfits from photo reference, only in the style you see here. No NSFW images.

A portrait order gives you license to use the image for personal, non-commerical purposes only. If you’re interested in commissioning an image for commercial use, please get in touch.

Contact Me!

I would LOVE to hear from you! Send me a message - along with any source material if you're looking for a drawing - and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Contact Me!

Contact Me!

I would LOVE to hear from you! Send me a message (and any source materials if you're looking to get a drawing done) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!



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